Thermal management Solutions

E&F thermal Systems is a company that exceeds in building compact cooling and heating solutions.
We focus on designing durable and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Our product range spreads from standard Battery thermal management systems to customer-specific solutions.

Battery chiller - BTMS - High Voltage

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High Voltage Battery Cooling and Heating

Our company is specialized in HVAC systems for the mobile industry. Including Battery thermal management systems (BTMS) and Air conditioning. 

Our product range spreads from standard and custom made Battery Thermal Management systems, often abbreviated as BTMS system.
Our BTMS systems can either cool and heat the liquid system inside a Litium-ion high voltage battery. 
Systems that don't require heating, we also offer Liquid battery chillers which can only cool.

Our products can be powered by a 400VAC or 10-1000 VDC power source.

BTMS systems are used to control the batteries cell temperature. for example in Litium-ion batteries like NMC and LFP.

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